Zoom invitations for prayers and services

Please be aware that our Zoom services will be live-streamed to Facebook, so if you don't want your face recorded, either turn off your video feed on Zoom, or alternatively don't join us for Zoom, and pray alongside us on our live Facebook stream.  You could also catch up after the event on this website.  But it would be lovely to have you with us on Zoom if you could, it's great to be able to gather together as much as we can.

Every Sunday morning, 10am, Parish Worship

To join us for Sunday morning worship, please click here, or log on to Zoom and use meeting ID 813 4265 5483, password 987212.

Every Sunday morning, 11:30am, Coffee and Fellowship (bring your own coffee!)

To join us for Sunday Coffee and Fellowship, please click hereor log on to Zoom and use meeting ID Join Zoom Meeting 853 8698 1046, password: 333949

Every Tuesday morning, 10am, Morning Prayer

To join us for Morning Prayer on Tuesdays, please click here, or log into Zoom and use Meeting ID: 810 7986 0726, and password: 541071     

Every Wednesday afternoon, 5pm, Evening Prayer

To join us for Evening Prayer on Wednesdays, please click here, or log into Zoom and use Meeting ID: 840 4784 9135, and password: 393704.

It may be that sometimes we'll have a diary conflict that means that we can't say morning or evening prayer at the usual times.  If that happens, we'll always try to reschedule rather than cancel altogether - keep an eye on our Facebook page, we'll always post information there.

How to Zoom!

We are trying to hold more services and prayers together using the video conferencing platform Zoom.  It means that those who are in the meeting can all join in.  We'll be posting the invitations here - all you need to do is click on the link to the relevant service, and you should get through to what's called the waiting room - Rev'd Kate will need to admit you, but she'll know you're waiting, so she'll let you in as soon as she can.  Do feel free to join the prayers or service whenever you can, please don't worry if you're arriving after we've started, you're always very welcome.  

If you're not part of our regular worshipping community, you're of course very welcome too, but Rev'd Kate will need to let you in to the service, so if you're intending to be with us and you're not part of ASQ or someone who's been worshipping with us before during lockdown, it would be really helpful if you could let her know that you're planning to be with us.  Some people have used Zoom meetings to display unwanted materials, so we need to be mindful of security.  

If you haven't used Zoom before, we hope you will find it fairly straightforward and intuitive to use.  You can download the app in advance on your laptop, tablet or smart phone - you can get it here or if you'd prefer, you can look for "Zoom Cloud Meetings" in your app store.  You can also access meetings by calling a local phone number so you can hear what's going on and join in, so you don't have to be on-line to use it.  If you or someone you know would like to access a service by phone, do let Rev'd Kate know.  

If you'd like detailed instructions, have a look here for a user guide.  

You don't need to register for a Zoom account if you don't want to, but it's free to use, and we're hoping to use it increasingly for our worship while we still can't get back into church, so it might be worthwhile if you're willing.  If you need any more help, please do give Rev'd Kate a ring on 020 8952 4536, she'd be happy to talk you through it (though heaven knows she's no expert...) - but please don't ring just as a service is about to start, because she'll be otherwise occupied!  

We're still streaming our services and prayers to Facebook, and putting the recordings on this website, so please be aware that if you join a service with Zoom, you'll appear in our video feeds.  If you'd prefer to observe the Zoom services rather than participate in them, you'll be able to see them on Facebook live as they happen, and we'll also put them on the website once they're over, but it would be great to have you with us and to be able to see the faces of the people we're worshipping with, so do join us on Zoom if you feel able.

We look forward to seeing you for a Zoom service soon!