Under the new COVID-19 restrictions, advice on how we are permitted to conduct funerals is changing frequently at the moment, so the advice on this page may change too.  But at the time of writing, the position is that no more than ten members of the immediate family may attend funerals.  

Here at All Saints, we very much want to offer you any support we can through what will inevitably be a very difficult time.  For example, we will hope to be able to offer memorial services once the restrictions on our movements are lifted.  Please be aware however that Rev'd Kate has an underlying health condition which means she has to be particularly careful about self-isolating.  She will of course want to support you as much as she can, but it may be that she will have to ask a colleague from another parish to take funeral services until it is safe for her to do so.  

If you are unable to attend a funeral, there is an order of service (here) which very much mirrors the funeral order of service but which it is appropriate to pray in your own home.  It can be led by a minister, including perhaps Rev'd Kate over the phone or on a video link, but it could also be led by someone in the family, there's nothing that requires a priest's leadership in it.  We hope that you will not need it, but if you do, we hope it's helpful.

Please do though call Rev'd Kate, on 020 8952 4536 - she will want to know what's going on, and to pray with you over the phone, and also to make sure that we can offer you pastoral support in the weeks and months ahead.