You are welcome to have your child baptised, or to be baptised yourself, if you live in the parish of All Saints'.  To find out whether your house is in our parish, please fill in your postcode here.

The font, which we use for baptismsEven if you don't live in the Parish, we might still be able to conduct a baptism if you have a connection with All Saints'.  To find out more, please get in touch with the Vicar, the Revd Kate Blake, using the boxes at the end of this page.  

We have a form to fill in for people who are interested in holding a baptism at All Saints' Church - it looks a bit complicated on the screen, but we hope it's easier to understand when its printed out.  It can be completed with the Vicar, who will come to visit you if you're planning a baptism, and will be happy to talk you through the service and the paperwork.  

The Church of England website also has a lot of helpful information about baptisms and what to expect from the service, and how you might prepare.

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