Thy Kingdom come...

"Thy Kingdom Come" is a period between Ascension Day and Pentecost which the Archbishop of Canterbury has asked all parishes to use to focus on prayer, specifically praying that people who are not yet Christians may come to know Jesus.  

All Saints' will therefore be open from about 10am to about 5pm every day from Ascension Day, on Thursday 30th May, to Pentecost, on Sunday 9th June.  There will be prayer stations and materials to help you with prayer available throughout the day, and although the Vicar won't be in the church all day, if you'd like to speak to her about prayer, do go to see her, she'd be delighted to talk to you, especially if you can make an appointment first!

There are also lots of events going on across the Diocese of London and indeed across the world, including a beacon day of celebration in Trafalgar Square for Pentecost on 9th June.  For more information on Thy Kingdom Come, look here ; and to find out about the beacon event in Trafalgar Square, click here.

But in particular, do come into church perhaps at some time when you wouldn't normally have expected to, and use the building and the resources to pray for whatever is on your heart, but especially for people who have not yet allowed the love of Jesus to transform their lives.