Prayer for the Nation during lockdown

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and senior church leaders have called a month of Prayer for the Nation during the second lockdown for England, due to end in early December.  

When we pray, we do what God wants, and we take back some ownership of what is going on in our lives, and at the same time we do good for other people.  You don't have to be a specially holy person to pray, it's something we all do sometimes, and this seems like the right season for it, so do join in if you can.  The Archbishops and senior church leaders have asked as many of us as possible do do this at 6pm each day.

The link to the right place on the Church of England website is here, so do feel free to participate whenever you can.  But I will be streaming prayer live at 6pm every Monday - Thursday evening, and it would be great to have some company for that.  So if you're available, it doesn't have to be every evening but whenever you can, do feel free to join me on Zoom - the link is here.

You shouldn't need the meeting ID or the passcode to get in, but just in case, they're Meeting ID 833 1006 8512, and Passcode 441956.  And of course as always we'll be streaming it to Facebook and onto our website under the Virtual Church tab - if you want to catch up with the prayers we've already posted, of course it's never too late for you to join in, and you can find them all here.  

I'll hope to have you join me - why not come this evening?